5 Advantages of Company’s Virtual Office At the Lawyer's Office

November 1st, 2022

For a limited liability company (S.R.L.), the registered office is an important identifying attribute, a place where commercial activity can be carried out or not. The registered office is considered the fiscal domicile of the company, where notices/notifications can be communicated and transmitted in physical format, as well as procedural documents, and at the same time it is useful for determining the competent court of law, from a procedural point of view.

The shareholders are the ones who take the decision to establish the registered office, before the registration of the company with the Trade Registry. This information appears recorded in the articles of incorporation. One of the options they have is hosting the registered office at a lawyer's office/ company’s virtual office. This is applicable for limited liability companies (SRL) or joint stock companies (SA), not for branches of companies or authorized natural persons (PFA).

The period for which the headquarters of the company in question is established at the professional headquarters of the lawyer cannot exceed one year, and the proof of the headquarters is done by the legal assistance contract.

Today, I am going to present to you the 5 main advantages of this option.

  1. The speed of preparing the documents

  2. Usually, for the registration of the company, a proof of the legal possession of the premises must be provided - rental agreement, sale-purchase agreement, building permit, land book extract, etc. Obtaining and drafting such documents require time and resources.

    On the other hand, among the advantages of hosting the headquarters is the fact that the proof is the legal assistance contract concluded between the lawyer and the company in the process of registration.

  3. No need to obtain the approval of the owners' association and the consent of the neighbors;

    In case of establishing the company’s registered office in an apartment, the consent of the neighbors and the owners' association is needed, and you can risk being refused or losing a lot of time if a neighbor is temporarily missing from the town. It’s important mentioning that if the company will not carry out activity at the registered office, but outside the registered office or at third parties, neighbors’ consent will not be required. However, if you choose to set-up company’s registered office at a lawyer's office/ virtual office of your Romanian company, then the process is way smoother.

  4. Lower costs

  5. Companies that choose the hosting option should also take into account the costs, which can be much higher in the case of renting a space as a corporate headquarters, compared to establishing the registered office at the lawyer's professional headquarters. This is very useful if you live in a rented space and the owner does not agree to set up the registered office in that building or you do not have the needed budget to rent a space for your company.

  6. No need to register to the tax authority the legal assistance contract proving the registered office

  7. When choosing a virtual office, the shareholders no longer have to register the legal assistance contract with the tax authority, thus incorporating a Romanian company becomes an easy process.

  8. Security of documents and correspondence

    Last but not least, choosing the registered office at the Lawyer's Office guarantees that the documents you are about to receive will not get lost but will be kept safe and communicated to you in a timely manner.

If you are going to open a Romanian company and want to choose a virtual office/ hosting the registered office at a lawyer's office, feel free to contact me by clicking here. I can help you both with this service and with all the information you need to optimize the process of registering your future company.

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