Romanian Digital Nomad Visa – A New Opportunity For Remote Workers

January 18th, 2022

Starting January 17th, 2022, Romania aligned with the countries offering digital nomad visas, suitable for freelancers and people who work remotely.

A digital nomad is defined as a foreigner who is employed under an employment agreement with a company registered outside Romania and who provides services through the use of information and communication technology or who owns a company registered outside Romania, in which he/she provides services through the use of information and communication technology and can work as an employee or within the company, remotely, using information and communication technology, as per Law no. 22/2022.

In other words, digital nomads are those who work remotely, either as an employee or as a company owner, and as of now they can obtain visa in Romania based on this ground.

What are the requirements for obtaining the digital nomad visa?

The applicant must prove that he/she holds the financial means in the amount of at least 3 times the average gross wage in Romania for the last 6 months preceding the visa application and for the entire time period provided within the visa. In 2022 the average gross wage in Romania is LEI 6,095/month. Another requirement is that the applicant carries out remotely the activities for which he/she obtains income.

The main documents to be submitted for digital nomad visa are the following:

  • employment agreement or proof of remote management of a company registered outside Romania for at least 3 years prior to visa application;

  • identification data, field of activity of the company registered outside Romania and other similar information;

  • letter of intent providing the purpose of staying in Romania and the activities the applicant intends to carry out in Romania;

  • proof attesting that the applicant or the company has paid up to date taxes and other mandatory contributions and that he/she has a clean record as regards tax evasion and tax fraud;

  • health insurance covering at least EUR 30,000;

  • proof of accommodation;

  • criminal record certificate.

Undoubtedly, a digital nomad visa provides new opportunities for digital nomads seeking Romania among the places to live in.

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