Digital Law. Data Protection. Intellectual Property.

Digital Law & Data Protection & Intellectual Property

In a data-driven world, digital economy develops, and also an increased need for protecting the intangible assets emerging therefrom.

Digital law comprises a wide range of law branches which have been revitalized or developed by the Internet – rights and obligations governing the use of technology.

We focus on compliance of new technologies, data protection, privacy and protection of intellectual property:

  • FinTech business models, E-Commerce websites – online stores, dropshipping shops, online businesses, websites, online platforms, mobile apps, social media, marketing, advertising;

  • authorization of crypto exchange services providers, digital wallet providers, digital assets, crypto-assets, Non-fungible tokens (NFTs), crypto trading, mining, validator services;

  • support in the implementation of projects involving innovative technologies (artificial intelligence – AI);

  • information technology: cloud computing, software and database development, outsourcing, licensing etc.;

  • terms & conditions (T&C)/ terms of use, privacy policy, cookies policy, cybersecurity policy;

  • security incident notification;

  • cybersecurity certification for ICT products and services;

  • electronic transactions;

  • contracts for the supply of digital content and digital services and contracts for selling goods with digital elements;

  • domain name, cybersquatting;

  • know-your-customer (KYC) & anti-money laundering (AML) measures;

  • personal data processing documentation in relation to employees, suppliers, clients and other partners;

  • trademark registration;

  • transfer and licensing trademark rights;

  • actions for trademark infringement;

  • unfair competition;

  • protection of inventions, technical creations with relative novelty character (innovations), topographies of semiconductor products, drawings and models, utility models, trade secrets, new varieties of plants, geographical indications, brands and emblems;

  • transfer/ licensing copyrights;

  • editing contracts, theatrical or musical performance agreements, work lease contracts, software lease agreements.

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