Competition Law.

Competition Law

It is superfluous to say that competition stimulates innovation, productivity and competitiveness, contributing to an effective business environment, generating economic growth and employment. Also, consumers benefit from a fair competition through lower prices, improved services and greater choice.

Competition environment develops at a great rate, and the growth of E-Commerce has the potential to increase competition within markets.

Compliance with Competition Law

We understand the transformation of the competition law, as the line between offline and online businesses further blurs.

Our main focus is on advising in light of national and international theoretical and jurisprudential developments, both online businesses (online platforms, online stores for E-Commerce, mobile app developers, digital products, online courses and other similar) and traditional ones, including:

  • general advice on compliance with competition law and unfair competition regulations, by addressing each particular aspect which is supposable to raise competition concerns;

  • policies, programs, compliance manuals with competition law customized on the specific relevant market;

  • implementation of policies, programs, compliance manuals and updating such internal documents;

  • setting-up a leniency policy, drafting statements/ descriptive reports on the alleged anti-competitive practice, implementing cooperation procedures for leniency policies;

  • distribution and sub-distribution agreements, research and development agreements (R&D), technology transfer agreements, franchise agreements, agency agreements, services contracts;

  • contractual clauses having a potential anti-competitive effect included in diverse contracts, policies, internal regulations, marketing/ commercial/ advertising strategy;

  • legal opinions on various practices on the market, including unfair practices;

  • legal opinions on matters related to a potential abuse of dominant position;

  • negotiations of various commercial transactions entailing competition law aspects;

  • matters related to the interplay between competition law and personal data protection;

  • assistance within investigations and information requests from Competition Council - assistance during hearings, preparing responses to Competition Council’s interrogations;

  • assistance and representation in front of the Competition Council and in front of courts of law, by drafting briefing notes, requests, official law interpretations, guidelines, complaints etc.

State Aid

Whenever an authority, on the local or national level, grants public resources to selected undertakings (entities which are engaged in economic activities), state aid regulations become incidental. State aid has the potential to distort competition.

Compliance with state aid rules allows beneficiaries to access resources/ facilities.

Our legal assistance includes:

  • legal advice in state aid projects and drafting documentation, preparing the file for access to state aid measures;

  • legal opinions on various state aid aspects, including assessment of any benefits received from public sources by companies and other economic agents (such as grants, interest and tax reliefs, guarantees, providing goods and services on preferential terms etc.);

  • assistance and representation in front of the Competition Council.

Economic Concentrations

Mergers between two or more companies or taking-over the control of another independent company may entail applicaion of specific competition law regulations.

Our legal assistance comprises mainly:

  • legal opinions on economic concentrations’ notifications with the Competition Council;

  • assistance during economic concentration process and drafting related documentation;

  • assistance and representation in front of the Competition Council.

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