Intellectual Property Law. Trademarks. Copyright.

Intellectual Property Law

The means of expression of ideas constitute either literary and artistic property or industrial property, and they offer to the author moral rights and patrimonial rights.

Intellectual property protection is essential to fostering innovation. As intangible assets, intellectual property rights have the ability to provide a company with competitive advantages.

Trademark Registration and Protection. Other industrial intellectual creations and distinctive signs.

Trademarks are valuable assets, and an effective communication tool on the market. Protection thereof is of the essence of a business.

We support business ideas by:

  • trademarks’ registration at national level - State Office for Inventions and Trademarks (OSIM), European Union level – Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) and international level - World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO);

  • legal advice on protection of works either by industrial property right or by copyright;

  • assistance and representation in front of the relevant authorities with respect to renewal and modification of the trademark registration procedures;

  • drafting trademark transfer and license agreements and assistance during negotiation’s thereof;

  • assistance within actions for trademark infringement in front of relevant authorities;

  • assistance regarding inventions, technical creations with relative novelty character (innovations), topographies of semiconductor products, drawings and models, utility models, trade secrets, new varieties of plants, geographical indications, brands and emblems.

Copyright Protection

Ideas, materialized in intellectual property works, other than trademarks, are protected by law. Copyright comprises, inter alia, literary, artistic, and scientific works, as well as other intellectual creation works (literary works – poems, novels, articles, studies, courses, movies, songs, paintings, sculptures, photographs, artistic interpretations, radio broadcasts, cinema works, architecture projects, computer programs/ software, databases).

We support ideas by legal advice, drafting and assisting during negotiations on various copyright matters, including:

  • agreements for copyrights’ assignment/ transfer, by sale or donation, and copyrights’ license;

  • assignment/ transfer agreements for works created in the performance of job tasks under the individual employment agreement;

  • editing contracts, theatrical or musical performance agreements, work lease contracts, software lease agreements and other similar;

  • assistance and representation in front of the Romanian Office for Copyright (ORDA).

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