Start-ups. Commercial Law. Corporate Law.

Start-ups. Mergers & Acquisitions. Corporate. Commercial Transactions. Joint Ventures.

A company’s life depends on the observance of the relevant regulations from its setting-up throughout its functioning.


We focus on legal consulting start-ups in a wide range of aspects related to the establishment, functioning and cessation of their existence:

  • advice on choice of legal form adequate to the business needs;

  • procedure and documentation for setting-up, registering with the Trade Registry, tax authorities;

  • assistance on obtaining the required authorizations;

  • registering the company's headquarters at the lawyer’s professional headquarters;

  • shareholders’ agreements of the participation within the company and liability, including drag along, tag along, squeeze out, stand-off, sell out/ exit clauses;

  • individual employment agreements, management agreement, partnership agreements;

  • policies on protection of personal data, terms and conditions, company’s internal regulations;

  • trademark, brand, other intellectual property rights protection;

  • conclusion of rent agreements, commercial contracts, share sale/ purchase agreements, co-opting new shareholders;

  • corporate changes: change of headquarters, secondary offices, directors;

  • due diligence assessments and transaction structuring;

  • commercial negotiations;

  • supply agreements, collaboration, services, commission, agency, franchise, international commerce, leasing, distribution, loan/ credit, mortgage, personal guarantee, securities, advertising etc.;

  • debt recovery;

  • joint ventures;

  • company’s dissolution and deregistration.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

    Transactions such as buying or selling companies or participations offer opportunities, and risks are not to be ignored.

    Our legal assistance includes:

    • due diligence assessment on involved company/ companies, both on the seller’s side and buyer’s side;

    • transactions’ structuring;

    • drafting the entire transaction’s related documentation (such as letters of intent, confidentiality or exclusivity agreements, shares sale-purchase agreements) and assistance in negotiation of contracts;

    • assistance in post-transaction implementing operations.


    Development of an online or offline business substantiates on corporate grounds, each having its particularities.

    We advise companies on a wide range of corporate aspects, including:

    • setting-up companies, drafting incorporation documentation - articles of incorporation, corporate resolutions, shareholders' agreements, and assistance and representation with public authorities (Trade Registry, tax authorities and other supervision authorities);

    • corporate operations (share transfer agreements, cooptation of new shareholders, change of company’s headquarters, opening/closing secondary offices);

    • issuing legal opinions and due diligence assessments on specific transactions;

    • assistance and representations within general shareholders’ meetings.

    Commercial Transactions

    We support online and offline businesses’ life by legal assistance with respect to, inter alia:

    • drafting and assistance in negotiation of various commercial agreements, such sale purchase agreements for immovable assets (including real estate due diligence assessment) or movable assets;

    • lease agreements, including for company’s headquarters or secondary offices;

    • supply agreements, collaboration, services, commission, agency, franchise, international commerce, leasing, distribution, loan/ credit, mortgage, personal guarantee, securities, advertising etc.;

    • assistance and representation in front of the relevant public authorities, such as Land Book Office, Trade Registry etc.).

    Joint Ventures

    Transactions through which a person or an entity grants to one or several individuals or legal entities a participation to benefits and losses of one or several operations they carry out offers flexibility and opportunities.

    Our legal assistance comprises:

    • drafting joint venture agreements and related documentation;

    • assistance during agreements’ negotiation;

    • assistance and representation in front of relevant authorities in the joint venture’s implementation.

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